The Sweet Words Collection

From The Baker’s Heart

Anyone who knows me, knows there are three things I love: cookies, quotes and friendship. Sweet Words comes from those three loves, but specifically because of one sweet friendship.  MaryAnn was encouraging, loving, selfless and filled with sweet words. Even when life seemed mean, her words remained sweet.  During life’s meanest times, I’d stuff jars with quotes, encouraging words and silly jokes to brighten her days. “You gotta sell these,” she’d say.   But time went on and combining quotes in a jar with a cookie fell down the to-do list, until MaryAnn’s illness took her. "What will we do without our girlfriend, Christine?” Maryann’s mom asked me the day of MaryAnn's funeral. “We’re going to love people like she loved people,” I said through tears.  In that moment - through MaryAnn’s death - Sweet Words came alive.  It’s my hope you’ll love people like MaryAnn loved people through these Sweet Words.

 In love, Christine 

SWEET SHIPPING NOTE:  Christine gives special attention to each cookie, each order, each packaged gift, so ultimate cheer can be given to you and your loved ones, therefore all cookie gifts WILL BE SHIPPED OUT WITHIN 48 hours.