Christmas Joy

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Christine’s modern take on classic Christmas cookies creates a collection of cookies that combine the nostalgia of Christmas with the spirit of giving. Each Christmas Joy includes an assortment of these holiday favorites created by Christine with her sweet magical twist. *twelve count

LEMON JOY This tangy-sweet cookie bursts with unexpected flavors making it the perfect surprise to every assortment.

CHERRY BOMB With cherries bursting in every bite, you won’t believe this traditional cookie is a twist on the one you grew up with.

CHOCOLATE EUPHORIA The traditional Italian chocolate meatball gets a modern twist in our moist, chocolately hand-rolled cookie, topped with Christine’s homemade secret glaze.

ALMOND DELIGHT With its chewy center and crunchy outer almond shell, this twist on the traditional almond paste cookie might have you choosing these over grandma’s this year.

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